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28th June 2021

Check out Kit Build Up Page For Small Drone Kits.....

Ready To Paint Set Of Drones £599 +p&p

Full Size Drones Done............

Please check out the 1/1 scale drones page......

More Pic's On V.I.N.CENT PROJECT....

Please note the 1/1 scale Drones are NOT going to be sold in kit form,this is only because i am working my own and it will take me for ever to do. these models are for serious collectors only, these are the full size set of three drones Huey, Dewey and Louie - my representation of The Silent Running Drones.

If you wish to follow me on Instagram and to see regular updates of the drones and other projects/Destiny Models01 and at this time i am now offering the finishing service for the kits, also i can finish them in primer only so you can enjoy painting them yourself.

1/4 scale Drone kits ready for you to paint and weather. 

 These full size replica Drones are now ready for sale and have been in the making for a few years, they are very well made and look outsanding when seen with your own eyes, pictures dont do them justice. I have put my heart and soul into these Drones and feel i could not do better. I am in the process of contacting auction houses but i am open to sensible offers for a private sale. They are a set of 3 as i have no plans to make any more in the near future. Overseas customers will be responible for all aspects of delivery-packaging,organising and insurance. For UK customers i can deliver myself. NO TIME WASTERS please. Deposit will be required immediately on agreement of sale.

These replicas are very well made and heavy. And please check out my 1/1 Scale Drone build.

The Drones are made from fiberglass/perspex/aluminium/stainless steel and resin.

The replica Drones have a posable arm