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Monday 9th May 2022

Check out Kit Build Up Page For Small Drone Kits.....

FOR SALE 1/4 Scale Drone's 

Also check out Pulse Rifle page

New pictures on Vincent WIP

Full Size Drones Done............

Please check out the 1/1 scale drones page......

Please note the 1/1 scale Drones are NOT going to be sold in kit form,this is only because i am working my own and it will take me for ever to do. these models are for serious collectors only, these are the full size set of three drones Huey, Dewey and Louie - my representation of The Silent Running Drones.

If you wish to follow me on Instagram and to see regular updates of the drones and other projects/Destiny Models01 and at this time i am now offering the finishing service for the kits, also i can finish them in primer only so you can enjoy painting them yourself.

Finally I have some pictures of my latest project, this is Vincent from The Black Hole

This is something i`ve been wanting to make for a long time - again as there are no blueprints of this character to follow I have had to do my own drawings from screenshots from the movie. This is my representation of Vincent which i`m not claiming to be 100% accurate but it will be a good representation of Him and I am tooling up for a half scale basic kit which will be available with a sticker set too. This will be aimed at the intermediate/ advanced model maker who is able to to follow my online pictures and instructions for the build and then the individual modelmaker can put their own personal touches to their model.

 28th May 2020 The Vincent is not a 3D print and was made up from EMA parts some plastic card and plenty of car filler to get the main body done. Once this was done i started the process of moulding this bad boy up. and i have to say they came out not too shabby. For the main body was slushed cast in 65d resin and to be honest most of the model was in the end just a handfull of parts cast in 305 resin. In the pictures below are the fist pulls from the moulds with no clean up and they look pretty good. 

29th May 2020 now then his arms/legs/guns for this kit will not be able to move in and out but will be interchangeable. but i am sure some people will make this happen when they buy this kit.

16th November 2020 well its been a very long time and i need to update this Vincent model. I have been working hard on this it will be a kit one day but at the same time i have been trying to get these two Vincent's finished, a lot of this project will not be in the kit sorry about that. Right then this is where i am at this time.

These parts are of the basic kit.

The guns, not to shabby

So when on the kit i thought it would be good idea to make two finished models for later sale and push this Vincent model a little further...  so i made a frame for the inside of this kit so i can push the guns and arms in and out manually.

Here the frame work for this model is almost done, i made a stand for it. This model will only be posable as i am not that clever to make it work...shame i know. To be honest this has taken me for ever to get right and will probly have to do a few more adjustments.

With the display stand almost done i thought it would be nice to put some pic's up to see how he is looking. And hes looking pretty good at this stage.

The claws i wanted to open and close manually so i got some of the claws from the kit to be and machined them up a fair bit to get what i wanted. Later i used some spings/magnets and pins i was very happy with the result.

I have to say this has been very time consuming and it seems to do the job.I had to make a mechanism up to go inside the tube so it could hinge and hold the claw into place.I needed to prevent the claw from twisting around when fully extended and also when the arm is pushed back inside the model it sits inside nicely.

7th Dec 2021 Well it been a long time and I thought I have another go at Vincent. So I decided to do some primer and prepping so with the main body I used plastic primer 1st the hit it with gray primer and I used wet and dry to take it back to the yellow. This should show me if things are going my way.