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Monday 9th May 2022

Check out Kit Build Up Page For Small Drone Kits.....

FOR SALE 1/4 Scale Drone's 

Also check out Pulse Rifle page

New pictures on Vincent WIP

Full Size Drones Done............

Please check out the 1/1 scale drones page......

Please note the 1/1 scale Drones are NOT going to be sold in kit form,this is only because i am working my own and it will take me for ever to do. these models are for serious collectors only, these are the full size set of three drones Huey, Dewey and Louie - my representation of The Silent Running Drones.

If you wish to follow me on Instagram and to see regular updates of the drones and other projects/Destiny Models01 and at this time i am now offering the finishing service for the kits, also i can finish them in primer only so you can enjoy painting them yourself.

M41A Pulse Rifle  I was making the gun as a functional airsoft weapon when I was into airsoft games, at the time there wasn't a good kit around.

 I bought an airsoft Thompson sub machine gun which was the core, I bought an airsoft spaz 12 gauge shotgun which I stripped down and used the spaz cage and the spaz fore grip, I also bought a working ammo counter from S.D.Studios. The rest I fabricated myself by making a shroud from MDF and making a plaster cast to produce the 2 halves of the shroud from fibre glass. It took me a long time to get the shrouds to meet round the gun as there was a lot of cutting and filling.

I was pleased with the end result......but few years later I decided to revamp this sucker and with my new skills I thought let's go for it. But unfortunately this will be a non functional M41a pulse rifle as I do not play this amazing game anymore.

Now on with the build So just below there are 8 pictures of what it used to look like.

So what I needed to do was to get this thing apart and start my basic machining skill.

With a little bit of mucking around I managed to get this block fitting to the TM airsoft Thompson top receiver...not to shabby😊👍

Once again a little bit more machining on the block that the stock slides through.

What I did here was to offer up the fiberglass shrouds then I could mark around this aluminium block that's holds the barrel and grenade launcher. Once done and I was happy I simply machined this part out.

So just a few pictures of this and not looking to bad 😊👍

The ammo face plate I decided to do in Aluminium so I cut this to size and milled out the back to fit the clear red plastic card.

The TM Franchise Spaz 12 cage was removed this airsoft gun a set about getting this part done. But i will have to come back to this part later.

Aluminium side straps were made by simply making a MDF master of the back part of this model gun.Then I bent these parts around MDF,drilled the holes and cut to size.

The back strap that wraps around the back part of this model was done the the same way and with a little clean up they look fine. Well I was happy.

Now then for my model gun I thought I try and make this part a little different for me as it is my model.

Ok back to this shroud I made this back in 2007 ish and then I didn't even have a mobile phone with a camera so there's no pictures of this build and to be honest I was that interested in taking photos of my work. Anyway what I did was to make a MDF master then primed a prep and I cast each half in plaster of Paris (not good 😔) even though I did use a release agent i couldn't get the MDF master out (#@£#) this is because there was some slite undercuts in the pattern so I wasn't that bothered because I only making one and simply chiselled out the MDF. This left me with two negative moulds ready for the Fiberglass nice👍 Well not really obviously couldn't get them out but I did know that. This was a simple case off braking the plaster and hay presto.

The shrouds don't look to bad now with a little filling/sanding and some primer I put these back to one side.

This is the catch I designed for the sliding stock took me a lot of head scratching but I got there.

And this the push button for the release of the sliding stock.

The handle is remade from the TM Thompson so I gave it some thought and set about getting this part done. So I put this part on my Mill and run some grooves into it. Then with some plastic padding and plastic rods wrapped in tape to stop them sticking to the filler with some sanding,bit of primer they was ready to paint.

The airsoft shot gun that fits inside the spaz cage is a APS 870 co2 shot gun😊👍

Time cut this sucker up and drill a few holes,have to be honest here not really my idea but everyone copy's everyone else. So it's the best way to do it and it works well.

The one thing I was worried about was the airsoft shot going to fit inside the TM SPAZ CAGE and you know what it didn't. So I had to split the cage in half and mill out the inside and by using my MDF jig and put it back together.Job done😊👍

Many hours later and a bit of mucking around it was done 😊👍

Now the airsoft shotgun fits it was time to cut the barrel done to size.

Just a little test fitting and I seems ok.

One thing I did have to do was repaint the Airsoft shot gun this was done by stripping the gun down remove the old paint clean up the metal work and use some Etchings Primer. Once I was happy I basically sprayed it black👍

Getting some paint down and little weathering as I go along with this model 😊👍