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Monday 9th May 2022

Check out Kit Build Up Page For Small Drone Kits.....

FOR SALE 1/4 Scale Drone's 

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Full Size Drones Done............

Please check out the 1/1 scale drones page......

Please note the 1/1 scale Drones are NOT going to be sold in kit form,this is only because i am working my own and it will take me for ever to do. these models are for serious collectors only, these are the full size set of three drones Huey, Dewey and Louie - my representation of The Silent Running Drones.

If you wish to follow me on Instagram and to see regular updates of the drones and other projects/Destiny Models01 and at this time i am now offering the finishing service for the kits, also i can finish them in primer only so you can enjoy painting them yourself.

Ok this is how i make my Drone kits

1st i sanded and washed all my parts,also stuck some sand paper with double side tape to some MDF and begin to sand the main body and front shroud flat. Take your time and keep checking all is going well.

When you are happy offer the two parts up and check all is looking good.

It should look like this and is ready for gluing together. You can use super glue or 5 minutes epoxy.

Now the two parts are glued together i mixed up some plastic padding (Filler) and then sanded these parts with some 120 grit this i could then make sure everthing was flat and square.

Top panel.... sanded flat and the top of the drone model once this was done i offered this part up making sure it sat nice and flat. Then once i was happy and it was in the right place i drew a pencil line along the front of the top panel.

Once agin i used Super Gule for this but it would be better to use 5min epoxy. And now you can fill any gaps that you see and clean these parts up.

What i did then was to have ago at the Shoulders.

1st i cut out the bottom of the shoulder.

2nd i cut out the paper template for the correct shoulder then used a marker

3rd i drilled some holes inside the marked lines

4th i used some needel files for clean up

5th i gave the inside around the holes a sand with 120 grit. This just helps the parts bond in place.

Then i sanded the back of the vent flat on the sand paper then glued into place.

NOTE! check that the part fit first, you may need open the holes a little more...Sorry about that.

The mesh was next 

1st i placed the mesh into the correct place

2nd Tacked with a little Super Glue just hold it wait for glue to set

3rd simply bend the mesh around the part

4th then add more Super Glule to fix in place

These parts a not much different to the frist time.Take your time keep checking all is well.

So then now you done with the shoulders at this point sand them flat with the 120 sand paper.

Ok place the shoulder on the side of the body and draw all around the outside and inside. Also draw a line 47mm up from the bottom of the body. Repeat both sides.

Once this is done you can draw around the 2mm thick plastic card on the 47mm line up from the bottom and center of the two other lines. then give them a sand both sides of the 2mm thick card and glue into place.

Sand the power pack (Bottom) flat. also check for any holes need filling do them as you go along.

I used Super Glue for this part but you may wish to use 5 min epoxy.

I glued into place the power pack (Bottom) FLUSH to the back of the Drone.

Now the power pack (Bottom) is fixed in place i then simply filled and sanded flat.

Leg mounts... this is done by sanding them flat on the 120 grit them drawing around those disks then gluing into place. Once done draw arond the mount on the white plasic card then when happy glue into place.

Plastic card for the panels.

These were done simply by rounding off the corners then sanding. Sand the shoulder where the panel goes draw around them. Then glue into place......take your time.

The little nuts....all i did was mark out where the holes go then used a 1.5mm drill bit.

Time to glue the shoulders on. because you have already marked where they go it is just simply glue into place. once this is done i went back through the holes with the 3.2 mm bit.

Now you can use the 3.2 mm plastic rod. This can be a little tricky so round off one end of the rod push through the hole then with a cocktail stick place some Super Glue to the underside of the shoulder. This will hold the rod in place then cut the rod. clean up and repeat.

NOTE! to be honest you may not want to do this so you can use some very small nuts instead.

the next step was the shins, just mark out where the holes should go then with a 1.5 mm drill the holes then go back and drill a 3.2 mm drill bit. Drill the holes about 10 mm deep.

Now you have done that you can sand and clean up the shins. The you can glue on the white ribbed tube. Also check the black hose fits.

NOTE! Do not glue black rubber hose at this point as this is done at the end of the build.

NOTE! Do not glue legs at this point.

Sand flat all the parts of the arm then you can mark out the back of this part by drawing a cross from corner to corner witch will give you the center. Next drill a hole with a 1.5mm drill bit once done turn it over and drill back through with a 3.2mm drill bit. Then you can glue the 3.2mm plastic rod into the hole.

NOTE! Push the rod through the hole about 2mm then glue with Super Glue.

NOTE! This part now i clean up on the front and i left the rod 40mm long on the back.

Next step was to just put on the back of this part a small radius on top. 

A little tricky..... So i marked out on these parts then drilled 1.5mm holes.

Ok take your time here.... So take the 1mm thick plastic card and use this as a spacer then you can drill with a 1.5mm drill bit about 5mm deep then use the 1.5mm rod by pushing it in the hole then cutting the rod by leaving this long about 5mm. Then turn this part onto it's side you can push the rod in untill it stops. Next cut rod flush and repeat other side.

This is done the same way just take your time.

NOTE! sorry the original pictures did not come out but you get the idea.

The Gripper... Once you have sanded the backs off these parts flat then drill a 1.5mm hole in the center of the cross all the way through. Then glue the small disc to the flat part of the cross. Next test fit the little gripper's then gule into place. Also push the 1.5mm rod into hole then cut long about 8mm. you can drill a 1.5mm hole into the hook all the way though once done glue hook to arm.

NOTE! take your time.

This is the back plate for the arm,so again you sand these parts flat, glue the small part as shown to the back plate. Then drill a 3.2mm hole all the way through then offer the back plate up to the body and hold in place. Next you can drill though with a 3.2mm drill bit and once this is done remove the back plate and drill the hole that's on the main body with a 6mm drill bit.

for the little blocks that sit on the shoulders,sand flat, mark out the holes and drill with a 1.5mm drill bit followed by a 3.2mm drill bit about 6mm deep. Then place these blocks on the shoulders, mark around them once you are happy with the position glue them into place.

NOTE! Do not glue black rubber hose at this point as this is done at the end of the build.

For the wiring block simply mark out were the holes will go then use a 1mm drill bit.

NOTE! Once this is done you must paint before glueing the wire.

The Lens.... This you can use a hacksaw blade and very very slowly cut all around the outside of the clear lens. Then slowly sand it flat checking that it fits to the Resin part. 

With thethe Grill just sand the back flat, on the back of the Grill at the Top and Bottom  makea small bevel this will help it sit nicely onto the Drone.

Before you glue the Rubber Hose into place you first have all the model painted. Then for best results i would glue the rubber hose into the Shins first and leave them long. Once you have done this you can glue using 5min Epoxy the Feet and the Legs at the same time. As the glue is setting stand your model Drone upright and you can position him how you like.

NOTE! It is recomended to do a dry run first.

NOTE! This is to be done last once your model Drone is painted.

So now the legs and feet are set you cut the black rubber hose to suit.

So that's it my basic kit of the Drones i hope this helps you in your build.