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FEB 2018

Sorry for the long delay in updates

Please check out the 1/1 scale drones page

Have been very busy trying to get these models up to speed

Please note these are not going to be sold in kit form, for serious collectors only once complete these are the full size set of three drones Huey, Dewey and Louie - my representation of The Silent Running Drones

When I began making the 44'' Eagle Transporter I didnt have any plans to work from so I drew up my own plans. I always knew this project wasnt 100% accurate but still I had a go of making it . I learnt a lot of skills and had a lot of fun building it even though I never quite finished it before I sold it. Here are some pictures of  my first big project.
I have since bought the blueprints for the Eagle and look forward to making another in the near future. I have bought the engine bells from Mike Reader in Canada and they are a beautifully machined set. The blueprints I bought from Daniel Prud'homme from Canada in 2004. Armed with these and plenty of pictures my next Eagle will be a lot more accurate.