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November 2019

Sorry for the long delay in updates but is going to update this website very soon

Please check out the 1/1 scale drones page

Please note these are not going to be sold in kit form, for serious collectors only once complete these are the full size set of three drones Huey, Dewey and Louie - my representation of The Silent Running Drones

If you wish to follow me on Instagram and to see regular updates of the drones and other projects/Destiny Models01e

This is a project that one day I knew I was going to do, and at this time I have no intention of making it into a kit, these will be the full finished product, sorry about that.

So here we go - I got all the info i could get and there is a fair bit on the net these day plus a nice blu ray as well. I began to draw this sucker up and I seemed to be fairly happy with this and then set out to make a master in MDF.  I must admit I was very pleased with it, but once I had left it for a week or two I could see something wasn't right and then I began to change things so many times I thought - well I must have it right by now.

Finally I think I have it now, I cracked out the filler primer and set to work to get this MDF master nice and smooth ready for tooling up.

Now I did leave this project for a very long time as I had some other stuff to get on with as we all do. Although I kept looking at this model thinking something still isn't right, I realised it looked too narrow in the body section, So i got my saw out and cut the whole thing in half and added 40mm and stuck it back together which was alittle soul destroying as no-one likes going backwards but it needed to be done!

 Im ready now to tool up, I began by using silcon rubber and making a fiberglass jacket this went well and then I began to lay up in fiberglass. And most of the parts came out very well but some not so good, a little distortion in the casting mainly the central body, so out came the plastic padding and sand paper, never mind, after many hours of sanding and filling i was very happy with the results so far.


Just a handfull of pictures of the drones in the moulding process.

Ok the feet and shins where one of the things that drove me mad and It took me so longed to get it right. I have to say I am so happy with these parts so far, once these moulds were made I set to work, 1st I mixed up some resin and talc and painted it into the moulds then 2nd mixed up resin with some chopped fibreglass strands and talc,then painted  that into the mould again. Repeat the 2nd process and this for me came out just fine for these parts.